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Step2trade education is a unique company, which is 100% focused on high-quality education , research and analytic. The founder is a well-known full time Trader, Arindam, who is devoted to created efficient and educated trader for the advantage of the common people. It is a matter of great pride to announce that our educational and research-oriented course has helped several people pursue Technical trader as a full-time profession.

I am committed to make students equipped with the knowledge required to minimize failure and maximize success as a Trader.

If you need more information regarding my courses, do not hesitate to get in touch with.

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Ceo Arindam Samanta

Arindam Samanta technical Trader and a Trading Mentor. He has been tracking the equity markets since 2014. It was his love of numbers that drew him to the stock market and made him develop a technical approach to trading and investing. He soon realized the importance of having a good strategy of entering and exiting positions as the key ingredient in realizing profits from investments and trading activities.

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Basic Technical Analysis

Advance Technical Analysis



Chart Analysis Room

Facilities offered in Chart Analysis room Access

Becoming a member of the Chart Analysis room Access will give you limited access to our infrastructure. You can use it after market hours for gathering knowledge, guidance.

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Intraday Trades on Index Future Like, NIFTY, BANKNIFTY

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EOD and Live data

TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform with the ease of use of a modern website. TradingView is intuitive for beginners and powerful for advanced investors. Whether to simply look up the latest stock price, or analyze price patterns with scripts - we’ve got you covered.


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I personally have said many times I'd be a hundred percent in equities. That fits my risk profile and my views of the world,

though obviously it's not appropriate for everyone. Most investors need a more diversified portfolio.


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