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Arindam Samanta technical Trader and a Trading Mentor. He has been tracking the equity markets since 2014. It was his love of numbers that drew him to the stock market and made him develop a technical approach to trading and investing. He soon realized the importance of having a good strategy of entering and exiting positions as the key ingredient in realizing profits from investments and trading activities. His quest for knowledge took him through this journey of Technical Analysis and he studied and researched the subject for over 5 -18 hours a day, seven days a week and for over three years reading over 100 books on the subject and follows the same routine diligently to this day. He believes that Technical Analysis is one of the most challenging subjects that he has ever come across.

He has created a proprietary trading system called “holy grail trading”. He successfully trades using the techniques of “holy grail trading”, indicator & trend line flow analysis.

He is also a passionate trainer with the mission to make a million Bengal become financially free through trading and create a source of passive income for them.

Awards and Recognition

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