Demate Ac

The NextGen Web Trading Platform!

Advanced Charts & Trade From The Chart

Get the most advanced charting platform with 70+ indicators, 300+ interactive icons, dozens of drawing tools and historical EOD data of 20+ years, all on the web!


You no longer have to check your order book. Place, modify, cancel and monitor orders from the charts!

Price Ladder Trading

Price Ladder Trading is a game-changer for intraday traders! You can now visualize price action before punching orders!

Fully Loaded Desktop Trading Platform

Advanced Charting

Highly advanced charting with historical EOD data of up-to 10+ years and intraday of up-to 30 days (1 min & 5 min). Use more than 60 technical indicators and other cool features which will add the third dimension to your analysis and decision making. Ours is the only platform to provide intraday charts for indices.

Technical Scriveners

Use inbuilt stock screeners to gauge the trend, intraday movements, support and resistance levels, circuit breakers, etc. If used correctly, it can be an excellent resource for profitable opportunities.

Think Speed, Think Derivatives

There is a need for speed in decision making when it comes to futures and options. The “FnO Analysis” tools are the much-needed turbo boost for the informed trader.

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